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The largest CSS conference in Europe

Come see the best developers worldwide speak on the most beautiful stages Paris has to offer.

December 2-5, 2016 • Paris, France

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Full speaker lineup!

Håkon Wium Lie

Håkon Wium Lie

Co-inventor of CSS

Kevin Mandeville

Kevin Mandeville

Email designer & developer at Litmus

  • Boston
Varya Stepanova

Varya Stepanova

Developer enthusiast for modular web and pattern libraries

Chris Lilley

Chris Lilley

Father of SVG, co-creator of PNG, WOFF, Web Fonts, W3C Technical Director

We also have great speakers at dotJS on December 05th

  • Igor Minar

    Igor Minar

  • Evan You

    Evan You

  • Fedor Indutny

    Fedor Indutny

  • Guillermo Rauch

    Guillermo Rauch

  • Guy Bedford

    Guy Bedford

  • Nolan Lawson

    Nolan Lawson

  • Zeke Sikelianos

    Zeke Sikelianos

  • Ada Rose Edwards

    Ada Rose Edwards

  • Sam Wray & Tim Pietrusky

    Sam Wray & Tim Pietrusky

  • Christophe Porteneuve

    Christophe Porteneuve

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